Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to get my order?
In house processing takes 1-3 business days. Shipping time will depend on the shipping method you choose and your distance from Kansas City but since we are centrally located, even Ground shipping is fairly quick to most places.

How is the order shipped?
We ship all orders via UPS but have a variety of shipment time frames available. You will be able to see the available shipping options during the checkout process.

What should I use to light my pipe?
Metal, ceramic, and acrylic pipes can be lit with matches, a standard flame lighter, or a torch lighter. Since glass is a heat responsive material, it should only be lit with matches or a standard flame lighter as a torch lighter may heat it too quickly and in too small of an area. Additionally, heating evenly around the entire bowl area will help prevent the possibility of cracking or breakage. Wood and corn cob pipes should be lit with matches or a standard flame lighter as a torch may set fire to the pipe itself.

If I decide that I do not want/like an item, can I return it?
All sales are final unless the item is received defective or damaged. In this case, it must be reported to us within 72 hours of receipt of the package.

What if my item(s) arrive damaged?
All damaged item(s) must be reported within 72 hours of receipt of the package. You must retain the damaged item(s), the original box, and all packaging materials until we inform you that you can dispose of them. This precaution is in case UPS wants to conduct an inspection of any of the packaging components. Any such inspection generally occurs within a couple of days of when we file the damage claim with UPS. Obviously, items that have been used will not be accepted as damaged under any circumstances.

Once UPS approves the claim, we will issue a credit to your account with us and that credit will be deducted from your next order. In special instances, we can issue a refund instead but you will need to contact us to make arrangements for it.

Can I order by phone/fax/e-mail?
Orders can be placed online, by phone at 816-283-8200, by fax at 816-817-0037, or by e-mail at [email protected].

Hey, why does this pipe have a hole in the side/front?
This is called the carb. It allows you to clear all of the smoke out of the chamber so that its not wasted. You cover the hole with your finger or thumb and inhale the smoke. When you are almost done inhaling, remove your finger or thumb from the carb and clear the remaining smoke out of the chamber. This prevents you from wasting that portion of your tobacco smoke.

How much is shipping?
The shipping price will depend on the weight of your item(s), how far you live from Kansas City, and the method you choose when checking out. Because we are centrally located, we recommend UPS Ground for most customers. During the checkout process you will be able to see the available shipping methods.

Do you have any kind of minimum or maximum order?
Our minimum order of $100 before shipping.

Are these products legal in my city and state?
All of our products are legal for you to use and possess in every US city and state as long as they are used exclusively for tobacco or another legal smoking herb by persons who are of legal age to smoke based on your local and State laws.

What is your contact information?
PO Box 10017
Kansas City, Missouri 64171

Phone: 816-283-8200
Fax: 816-817-0037
E-mail for Ordering: [email protected]

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept prepaid orders by cash, checks, or money orders and we accept COD company check or money order. During the checkout process you will be given a list of available payment methods.

Why don't you sell pipe tobacco?
In 2005 we were informed by our credit card processor that their policies no longer allow the processing of credit cards by companies who sell tobacco online. This across the board policy was adopted because so many online companies were not taking sufficient steps to prevent minors from obtaining tobacco products and were selling tobacco products without paying the tobacco taxes mandated by Federal and state laws. We have always paid our tobacco taxes and required adult signature on all orders but this decision was final. We had to decide whether we would stop selling tobacco & continue accepting credit cards or continue selling tobacco & no longer be able to accept credit cards. Since about 95% of our orders are paid by credit card, we had no other choice and had to discontinue our line of pipe tobaccos. We would recommend checking your local tobacco retailer as they should still have an excellent selection of pipe tobacco and are not affected by policies of this type.