GBL81 - 7.5" Fumed Glass Tobacco Bubbler w/Marbles

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This color changing glass tobacco bubbler is fumed with silver and/or gold to give it its color changing properties. It averages about 7.5", features marbles and a carb on the side of the bowl. Colors and designs may vary.

So what is a bubbler? A bubbler is essentially a hand held tobacco pipe with a built in water chamber to filter tars & carcinogens out of the smoke and making it smoother. A bubbler is a modern day variation on the tyrolean or wine pipe which originated in mountainous regions of central Europe. The tyrolean in turn is actually an adaptation of traditional Middle Eastern hookahs. Through this progression, a contemporary tobacco bubbler's evolution can actually be traced back to those original coconut & bamboo hookahs from so long ago. While some modern day models employ the same gravity or peculation filtration method as traditional tyroleans, most have adapted a more efficient design employing a downstem which allows for much smaller sizes. Modern day bubblers that still employ the traditional filtration method are most often referred to as stemless bubblers.

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