HKB05 - Tobacco Hookah Bowl with Cover

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This ceramic tobacco hookah bowl includes a hookah screen, features an attached wind guard, and fits most medium to large hookahs. It averages about 2.75" in diameter and 4.5" tall. Colors and finishes may vary.

The advantage of a wind guard is that it concentrates the heat from the charcoal. This makes the charcoal last long and produce more smoke. It is also handy for smoking outside because it will prevent ashes from being blown around by the wind.

The advantage of a hookah screen over hookah foil is that the screen is reusable, it is easier to move to check the shisha, and it is thicker than foil which helps keep the charcoal from burning your shisha.

If you are not absolutely sure that this bowl will fit your hookah, please contact us using the "New Question" customer service link toward the bottom left of our site with the model number and we will let you know.

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