HKB09 - Funnel Style Tobacco Hookah Bowl

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This funnel style ceramic tobacco hookah bowl fits most medium to large hookahs. The experience of a funnel style bowl is vastly different than traditional hookah bowls. As you smoke through a traditional hookah bowl the molasses/honey & flavorings liquify and down through the holes in the bowl resulting in less flavor in the smoke. With a funnel style bowl, the air is drawn through a raised center hole which prevents it from dripping down. The result is a much more flavorful smoking experience. It averages 3 1/8" in diameter and 4.75" tall. Colors and finishes may vary.

Because of the large diameter for this bowl, we recommend using hookah foil rather than a hookah screen.

If you are not absolutely sure that this bowl will fit your hookah, please contact us using the "New Question" customer service link toward the bottom left of our site with the model number and we will let you know.

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