Sales Tax: We automatically charge and withhold the applicable sales tax for orders delivered to addresses within the State of Missouri. For orders shipped to other states, the buyer is solely responsible for remitting all sales taxes or other taxes.

Other Tobacco Product (OTP) Tax: Most States have placed an Other Tobacco Products (OTP) tax on all tobacco items. This is separate from the State's cigarette tax and while it does vary from State to State, it generally includes pipe tobacco (include hookah), cigars, loose cigarette tobacco, cigarette papers, cigarette tubes, snuff, snus, e-liquids, and chew. We include the Missouri OTP tax in the listed retail price for our Missouri retail customers and will remit this tax to the State on your behalf. Retail customers in all other States are solely responsible for remitting their applicable State OTP taxes to their relevant taxing agencies. Wholesale customers in Missouri will have the 10% State OTP tax added to their order when it is invoiced in house and we will remit the tax to the State on your behalf. Please note that the tax will not appear on your estimated totals in the shopping cart or anywhere else on our site. This is simply beyond its capabilities.  Wholesale customers outside of Missouri are solely responsible for remitting their applicable OTP tax to their relevant State taxing agency.

Please do not take OTP taxes lightly. Both retail and wholesale customers are liable for them and you are required by law to pay them. They do want their tax revenue, do come after people for it, and when they do, they will include substantial fines.